Section for Functional Oxides

Pulsed Laser Deposition in the Surface Lab.

View of the PLD Beamline.

Plasma during thin film growth

Transfer line

Overview of the scanning electron microscopy room.

Pictures from recent events

Contact Head of Section

Nini Pryds
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Energy
+45 46 77 57 52

Contact Section Secretary

Anne Heglingegård
Administrative coordinator (Secretariat)
DTU Energy
+45 93 51 18 70

Section for Functional Oxides

The Section for Functional Oxides focuses on functional materials based on oxides, with particular emphasis on developing novel materials and design criteria for energy, electronic and information technologies. The research lies at the boundary between physics, chemistry, and materials science. We investigate the coupling of ionic, electronic and phononic properties to the structure and dynamics at the atomic scale. To do this, we combine advanced synthesis techniques with a broad range of characterization techniques.

Our main activities are:

  • Synthesis and processing of bulk materials, thin films, nanocrystals and systems with reduced dimensionality, e.g. heterostructures.
  • Advanced characterization of functional oxides, both in and ex situ as well as in operando.
  • Understanding the relation between nano- and microstructure and the magnetic, electrical, mechanical and chemical properties of materials.
  • Developing new design strategies for materials and devices with enhanced performance.
  • In Summer 2022, FOX Researchers organized the OPERA COST ACTION PhD School Modern directions in Epitaxy


Recent FOX publications:

Reconstruction of Low Dimensional Electronic States by Altering the Chemical Arrangement...

Li, H.,  Brito, W. H.,  Guedes, E. B.,  Chikina, A., 
Dahm, R. T.,  Christensen, D. V.,  Yun, S.,
Chiabrera, F. M., Plumb, N. C.,
Shi, M.,  Pryds, N.,  Radovic, M., 
Adv. Funct. Mater.  2023, 2210526.

You can find the paper here

Interfacial Engineering of PVDF-TrFE toward Higher Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, and Dielectric...

H. Abdolmaleki, A.B. Haugen, K.B. Buhl,
K. Daasbjerg, S. Agarwala
Adv. Sci. (2023)

You can find the paper here

Piezoelectric properties of mechanochemically processed 0.67BiFeO3-0.33BaTiO3 ceramics

G. Ferrero, K. Astafiev, E. Ringgaard,
L.S. de Oliveira, B.R. Sudireddy, A.B. Haugen,
K. Žiberna, B. Malič, T. Rojac
J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. (2023)

You can find the paper here

Perspectives on Oxide Heterostructures - The Curious Case of γ-Al2O3/SrTiO3

D. V. Christensen
Nanoscale (2023)

You can find the paper here

Determination of thermal diffusivity of thermoelectric materials using a micro four-point...

Braulio Beltrán-Pitarch, Benny Guralnik, Neetu Lamba,
Andreas R. Stilling-Andersen, Lars Nørregaard, Torben M. Hansen,
Ole Hansen, Nini Pryds, Peter F. Nielsen, Dirch H. Petersen
Materials Today Physics (2023)

You can find the paper here


InAs/MoRe Hybrid Semiconductor/Superconductor Nanowire Devices

Bilal Kousar, Damon J. Carrad, Lukas Stampfer,
Peter Krogstrup, Jesper Nygård, and Thomas S. Jespersen
ACS Nano letters (2022)

You can find the paper here

Freeform injection molding of functional ceramics by hybrid additive manufacturing

Kyriakos Didilis, Debora Marani, Uffe Ditlev Bihlet, 

Astri Bjørnetun Haugen, Vincenzo Esposito

Additive Manufacturing (2022)


You can find the paper here

Atomically engineered interfaces yield extraordinary electrostriction

Zhang, H., Pryds, N., Park, D-S., Gauquelin, N.,
Santucci, S., Christensen, D. V., Jannis, D.,
Chezganov, D., Rata, D. A., Insinga, A. R., Castelli, I. E.,
Verbeeck, J., Lubomirsky, I., Muralt, P., Damjanovic, D., & Esposito, V.
Nature (2022)


You can find the paper here

Spatial control of the conductivity in SrTiO3-based heterointerfaces using inkjet printing

T. Hvid-Olsen, C. Gadea, F. B. Holde, K. M. Hoffmann,
T. S. Jespersen, K. Grove-Rasmussen, F. Trier and D. V. Christensen
Journal of Physics: Energy (2022)

You can find the paper here

Stable, asymmetric, tubular oxygen transport membranes of (Sc2O3)0.10(Y2O3)0.01(ZrO2)0.89...

Lev Martinez Aguilera, Stéven Pirou, Peyman Khajavi, Julio García-Fayos,
Jose Manuel Serra, Henrik Lund Frandsen, Peter Vang Hendriksen,
Andreas Kaiser, Ragnar Kiebach, Astri Bjørnetun Haugen
Open Ceramics 2022

You can find the paper here

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